All of life is a process, and each aspect has its own respective course of action. Much like our relationships or our mental health, our career – our working life – has its own process too. Nowadays, it is rare for someone to work for the same employer their entire life. While it can undoubtedly feel daunting to lack a sense of permanence or stability, we can also change our thinking, and see instead the possibilities inherent within this. We have the chance more than ever to rethink our ambitions and goals, and we have access to a labour market that provides the necessary flexibility to fulfill the changes we want to make.

Career coaching can help you acknowledge the difficulties of the modern labour market but at the same time to adopt a new, more positive perspective, which will ultimately be more fruitful than becoming weighed down by a pessimistic outlook. I can help you to carefully reevaluate these challenges and shape your future development in a way that is as inspiring as it is realistic; to motivate you to take the right career step when it is time; to believe in yourself enough to go after the position, promotion or raise that you are worthy of; above all, I believe strongly that we should pursue our passions, and I want to help you reach your full potential.

For example, an obstacle at work can turn into a challenge, looking up to a presentation or a new workplace can become an inspiring project, conflicts with employees or managers can become tools for personal development or lead to new paths. Job coaching helps you to make well-considered choices with the right guidance. By integrating who you are as a person into an existing or new work situation. I have successfully completed the training as a Professional Practitioner Job Coach at the Dutch Academy for Psychotherapy. This diploma is certified and accredited by NOBCO.