Dating coach


2020 is an exciting time to be single. We have more options than ever before to find a partner; whether in real life or online, or through one of the numerous apps, or some combination of these options. Whatever we are looking for, every new dating app tells us that we will find it. Very often, the person seeking a new partner doesn’t know the best way to approach the process. It can be difficult, for example, to know the best way to present oneself online; the best photos to use (and which ones to keep to yourself!) and what a good biographical text is. It can be hard to determine the right balance of flirtation and creating intrigue, without accidentally going too far; to be careful but not too careful; confident but not too extreme. When we introduce ourselves online, we are showing ourselves to strangers for the first time. With the natural excitement of that comes also responsibility, to ourselves first and foremost. We cannot blame someone for feeling confused if we are wildly different from the image of ourselves that we put on an app profile. We can even end up missing out on something great. The need to hide our true self behind a false persona usually stems from fears that we are not good enough, or that we do not deserve the best. It is natural to fear rejection, too; and this way, if we are rejected, we can tell ourselves that it was not our true self that was rejected, but the one we created. This is not healthy.

Sometimes, we can give up our search, disillusioned; or perhaps even settle for a partner with whom we are not ideally suited. When we love ourselves and believe we are worthy of more, we will feel confident enough to be authentically ourselves. I myself very much enjoy the process of finding a partner, and I have successfully guided many people in their own romantic journeys. Effective dating coaching is primarily about ‘dating skills’, but other aspects are also discussed; such as your personality, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, desires and needs. After good coaching you not only become better at dating but also a more rounded and confident person.

With experience and time, I have also noticed that delving into the psyche of a potential partner can often be key, and usually has a positive impact on the success of the coaching. Lastly, as I am not exclusively a dating coach but also knowledgeable in many other areas of life, and furthermore myself possess extensive personal and professional experience, I am therefore incredibly helpful as a coach in many aspects of dating.