Life coach


Balance, acceptance and happiness are the core tenets of my life coaching. Many of us, at some point or another, find ourselves troubled, stressed or overwhelmed by the many challenges we face over the course of our lives. Such difficulties can arise from many things; a conflict at work or university; problems in our relationship; issues with our family and friends; or of course something more specific that we feel impacted by as an individual. It is human nature to overthink our choices; be it a decision we face now in the present moment, or having second thoughts about those we have made in the past. Many of us spend a great deal of time and energy concerning ourselves with achieving perfection, going around in circles obsessing over things beyond our control – but this is a habit that I believe only creates more problems in the end. Very often, we become trapped by our impossibly high expectations; not just of ourselves but also of our significant others, our family, friends, colleagues; and moreover the overall circumstances of the situations we find ourselves in. This is a waste of our time and we become charged with negative energy from continuously feeling like we have hit a wall, and as a result of this mental block, our self-confidence inevitably plummets. We must reconcile ourselves to the fact that life is not perfectable – and from this acceptance comes liberation.

As your life coach, my first job is to listen to you, my client, and from there together we identify and analyse the underlying root of your problem(s). This can all seem overwhelming, but I find there are always entry points that present themselves quite easily and naturally, allowing us to begin; we can move towards attaining clarity and from there regain control over life as it presents itself. This goes hand in hand with working towards the better, more positive self-image that you deserve; needless to say, you are good enough, and I want you to truly believe that.