Sport and nutrition coach


Our physical state and mental state often work in tandem, and we cannot maintain one while neglecting the other. It is essential to have good food habits while you are pursuing fitness goals. This is why the coaching focuses on nutrition as well as sport. Many of us want to be more conscious with our food choices and exercise more often, and yet it does not always work out as smoothly as we hope. What happens very commonly is that we make a commitment to change, but we attempt too much too soon, and give up. It is important to choose new habits that are sustainable. If we make changes that are impossible to maintain, then we are setting ourselves up for failure. Nowadays, many people do all they can to feel good and feel happy, but sometimes they neglect things like exercise and healthy eating. This is perhaps because we do not naturally associate physical activity and nutritious food with happiness and feeling good, but we therefore need to retrain ourselves to think the opposite. In fact, over a long period of time, being consistently inactive and frequently eating poorly can actually make us feel worse. Significant behavioural changes do not happen quickly or easily, and we must be aware of that when we decide we want to make adjustments to our lifestyle. It may be necessary to seek out a coach for motivation and guidance in a way that is pragmatic and healthy. It is unrealistic, not to mention dangerous, to try and take up an extreme workout routine immediately, or cut entire food groups out of your diet. It is inevitable that you will give up and then become disillusioned with the idea of making such changes ever again. Fortunately nowadays a healthy lifestyle is more accessible, especially here in Amsterdam. We live, after all, in a city built for biking; not to mention the many beautiful parks to walk or run through. Personally, I keep fit and pay close attention to my food choices. I believe I very much practice what I preach. Additionally, there are many conflicting pieces of information and misunderstandings surrounding nutrition, which can be confusing and overwhelming. I am more than happy to help you separate the fact from the fiction.

I spent five years as a mental coach and sport coach at PR Sports Management. Additionally, I obtained the certificate ‘sport teacher and personal trainer’ from Arkin.

From my prior work at PR Sports Management, I know very well the importance of having a clear goal that we can work towards together. We can do this through such methods as creating schedules, focusing on sleep patterns, improving nutrition and using some of the many apps I recommend for keeping your progress on track.

Every one of us is different, and therefore I pay close attention to each client as an individual and take into account their own circumstances, in order to tailor their unique plan to them with all necessary personalisation and considerations.