Study Guidance Coach


When I speak to students, they tell me that there are so many options for choosing a study nowadays that they find it impossible to know the best choice to make for their future. There are different courses, different variations and specialisations within a topic, different locations, different methodologies…the choices are seemingly endless and the stress associated with the pressure of making the right decision can be intense. After all, a choice of study will largely determine your future. Making a choice for studying begins with knowing oneself: what are my strengths, what makes me happy, what motivates me; in short: what am I best suited to and what are the options I have based upon that; what types of degree are available and what are my potential future opportunities in the constantly changing and increasingly globalising labour market I will become a part of?

Together with my accomplished colleague, Annelies Knuttel, we can conduct personality tests that reveal your natural interests, and show where your opportunities for growth lie. We can gain more insight into your strengths and weaknesses and your best qualities and assets. From here, we can really get to work mapping out a detailed, informed path towards your future. 

I know you are overwhelmed with many questions and choices that seem to overlap and induce anxiety. Coaching can help with finding clarity and ease amidst this stressful phase. From finding the right internship, what to write your thesis on, considering a master’s degree, a move from MBO to HBO, and the all-important question: what are the career prospects of this chosen industry? I frequently help students who are grappling with these questions. As a coach, I focus on helping you find solutions. My ultimate goal is that you yourself make a conscious choice, with confidence and clearheadedness, and can proceed onwards to the next set of challenges with motivation and preparedness.