Life and Professional Coaching for Expats in Amsterdam

Expat in Amsterdam? Elevate your life and career with expert life and professional coaching from Simon Markx. Get started today!

Are you an expat navigating the vibrant city of Amsterdam, seeking a partner in your journey toward personal and professional growth? Look no further than Simon Markx, your trusted lifestyle and career coach in the heart of the Netherlands’ capital. Tailored Coaching for Expats in Amsterdam At Markx Coaching, we understand that the expat experience […]

Navigating Expat Challenges in Amsterdam with Markx Coaching

Seeking Expat Counseling Amsterdam? Coach Simon Markx Offers Tailored Support for Cultural, Language, and Social Challenges.

Are you an expat settling in Amsterdam, encountering the unique hurdles of a new country? You’re not alone. Moving to a foreign land can be exciting, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. That’s where Coach Simon Markx, steps in to assist you in ensuring a smooth transition and a fulfilling expat […]

When is it appropriate to seek a Life Coach?

Life coach amsterdam bij Markx Coaching boeken

I think we all need a therapist or coach at some point in our lives. I myself have had three therapists and three coaches.  Why use a life coach? Sometimes you need another person who is not a part of your inner circle, who has no agenda other than to help you. Such a person […]